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What does it actually mean to be an Engineering Surveyor in the insurance world?

Our story was born out of a basic need to connect the insurance industry with the projects and sites in the fieldtroughout Israel. As engineers with field experience, we serve as the eyes of the insurance companies’ eyes in the risk management process, while also accompanying agents and Insureds (entrepreneurs, contractors, and industrial personnel) in the process of preparing and contacting the various insurance companies in order to obtain appropriate insurance coverage. The Engineering Surveyor understands the activity in the field, and knows how to translate the risks and present the activity and the surveyed site in accordance with the composition of the relevant policy.

We work in close cooperation, with the engineering departments of all insurance companies and are regularly updated with the requirements, in a dynamic and changing industry. Our experience as engineers, who come with experience in construction companies and industrial factories, is reflected in a shared language with the professional parties on behalf of the Insured; Project Managers and planning bodies, management and supervision in the construction industry, as well as Maintenance Managers, Engineers, and Financiers in the industrial world.

Aveeor Engineering is led today by the new generation of Engineering Surveyors, which consists of a group of engineers and surveyors who come from experienced backgrounds and speak eye-to-eye. The company’s team consists of mechanical, structural, and civil engineers, as well as certified property and real estate appraisers. The company has been operating for about three decades in its various incarnations, and accompanies all the leading insurance companies in the economy, construction and development companies, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, as well as in the reinsurance market in Europe and the USA.

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